Friday, May 8, 2009

~Buddha~ - Triolet poetry by Desiree (contemporary)

He brings the teachings of dharma
in right mind, right, action
Livelihood, the lessons of karma
He brings the teachings of dharma
middle path, noble truth, and nirvana
Enlightened and fully awake
He brings the teachings of dharma
flowering love for humanity's sake

I wrote this Triolet in celebration of Vesak and in honor of the Buddha. Happy Birthday Buddha!

Triolet form is an 8 line poem and is one of the oldest French styles in poetry. There is value in each word. The first line is repeated three times within the eight lines. There is no room for squandering in this style. It is a great form to remind us of the discipline necessary in writing all poetry. I love exalting form in poetry!

Many Many Blessings~

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