Sunday, May 17, 2009

Buddha and Friendship~

Genuine friendships are not based on status, wealth, elitist association, or self-serving needs.

According to the Buddha, good friends:

1) Help in times of need.

2) Are prepared to even forfeit their lives.

3) Protect you from evil.

4) Rejoice in your success, and honor those who praise you.

The Buddha’s definition of friendship is centered around spiritual advancement. Genuine friends lead you towards spiritual and dharmic progress. They always dissuade you from wrong and harmful actions. Good friendships are based on selfless love, and incorporate human values.

When we are able to understand these definitions of good friendship and translate that into genuine expression, in all our interactions, in every relationship, then, the divine spark ignites in ourselves and others.

Metta when taken in its real perspective encapsulates all the noble human feelings a person could shower on another." Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion), Muditha (altruistic joy) and Upeksha (equanimity), which are known as Satara Brahma Vihara or the Four Noble patterns of behaviour form the very sheet anchor of Buddhist friendly, ethical conduct. The spirit of love and friendship promulgated by these, cover a much wider spectrum than mere love,

I am so blessed to have friends that are of loving kindness, compassion, altruistic joy, and equanimity. I also know that my true friends have a mutual feeling towards me. I also believe that when we are friends with our Creator.....our relationships follow suit!

I did not want to touch on the negative....and what Buddha considered 'bad friends' but the fourth thing listed is "Influence friends towards bad habits like drinking".....and I just have to add that I give wine to me friends and I truly believe Buddha would have changed that last one ...knowing that a nice glass of good red wine is actually good for the fact I know he would have! ; )

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