Friday, March 13, 2009

Soul Union- Healing Mandala & Cosmic Epic poetry

"Original Dream Team" mandala creatively designed by Thunderhands (click on Raphael, upper right hand corner)

~Soul Union~

Lost in the beautiful vastness
of the spacious starry skies
gazing and connecting with
the goddess lunar energy
enamored by the magnificent view
being captivated by an infinite Source

Beyond self knowledge
Beyond comprehension
Passion, overwhelming
A spark of divinity ignited
An intriguing closeness
and an exhilarating connection

A sacred union to All that is
A purifying and radiant cleansing
Untouched by ego, fear, and inertia
A force to be reckoned with
at every level of being
Body. mind, spirit trilogy

Absorbed by this guiding Light
The biggest, brightest star
Destined to ignite the soul
and to blow the mind
Knowing it is divinely ordered
A cosmic signature , a validation
Sealed with star dust and lunar love
Shining in the purest of cosmic ecstasy
two souls in unison, dancing the divine matrix

A brand new beginning
Of an endless story
as two souls infuse
on an illuminated path
of shadowless pasts
fearless thoughts
unconditional knowing-ness
that of Oneness...........
.......very healing indeed


my notes: The mandala picture is a beautiful gift that I am sharing on my blog. It is priceless to me. The free style poem I penned is what I call..."Cosmic Epic" and the two of them together (united) hold incredible healing powers to tame the soul. Enjoy!


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