Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quan Yin Healings

I am blessed to be working with the beautiful Bodhisattva Goddess energy of Quan Yin.

She has an incredible amount of love and compassion that is so overwhelming to your heart that you feel like you have gone to heaven. BLISS! She always brings your unsettled nerves to the surface and then she turns them in to gold. Her meditations are powerful and full of loving energy for all ages!!! She shows no prejudice!

If you are in need of balancing your yin energy..she has a special balancing meditation
that brings you into harmony instantly! for more information: call Desiree 209-598-3142

May the love of the Bodhisattva energy be infused into your being~

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  1. I love your site, and your energy. I just put a link to it in my link section. Keep up the beautiful work everyday...Thunder