Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quan Yin Heart Blessing

~Today My Heart Heals~

Beautiful Goddess hear my cry
I sit in my shadow of doubt
I feel the pain of duality
And I am frozen in the illusion

Beautiful Goddess see my tears
My heart aches from what I see
I feel the suffering of many
I ask for peace and hope

Beautiful Goddess feel my pain
My mind and my heart need balance
I ask for my thoughts to be cleansed
I ask to walk in the Bodhisattva way

Thank you Beautiful Goddess
Today My Heart heals

1 comment:

  1. Today I woke up with a feeling of renewal. I am blessed by the energy Goddess of beautiful Quan Yin. I call on her to walk with me as I shed the illusions. I thank all of you who have walked this path of duality with me and held my hand and my heart. To those of you who have just joined me.....I know that your emergence is nothing less than a Miracle!

    Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish
    In praise of the Most High~
    Desiree `aka~ bloggergirl