Friday, January 16, 2009

~Quan Yin Blessings & Prayers~

Quan Yin Invocation

Mother of Love and Compassion
Bestow your wisdom upon me
Help me see humanity through your eyes
Help me master the love and compassion
that you hold near your heart of Gold
Help me shine like a beacon in the night
and see my reflection in your tear of love
Quan Yin I thank you for your tireless love
and your patience and hope for humanity~

Shanti~ Shanti~ Shanti~

Quan Yin Gratitude Prayer

I thank thee O Mother Goddess,
Who shines for all,
Who flows through all.
Thankyou for sharing your time with me,
My thanks for watching over me,
Guarding me and guiding me.
My thanks for all you have given me,
And all you will continue to give me.
Please continue to light my path, and my life.

Healing Chant
Deep in my bones the Goddess is alive,
Deep in my cells and blood the Life Force is strong,
Deep in my heart and spirit,
I believe I will heal.
I feel Kuan Yin at my core,
Filling me with Faith and Health.
Abundant Life Forces of the Universe flow in me,
And banish all disease.
My blood, my bones, my cell and my body,
Are healing now...
Are healing now...
The Goddess force is in me
And healing me now ...
In Times of Trial
Goddess within me,
Your daughter seeks your aid,
Courage to face this,
Strength to stand!
Love to aid!

Morning Affirmation
Goddess within me,
God around me,
Spirit throughout me,
I will complete this day
In balance and love.

To End Negative Thinking

Oh Goddess within,
Oh Goddess of the Moon,
The Waters and the Earth.
I need to feel your presence.
I need to be reminded of you.
Assist me to remember your lessons.
Show me the key that will unlock my spirituality !

Night Prayer
Oh Blessed Quan Yin,
I now enter the Realm of Dreams.
Weave now if you will,
A web of protective light around me.
Watch over me and mine,
Until the Sun once again rules the Earth.
Oh Gracious Goddess,
Be with me through the night !

End of prayers and blessings : )


  1. Please post an experiences, emotions, or anything you heart desires to share~
    Quan Yin Blessings~

    Rev. Desiree

  2. Today is a beautiful day to ask Quan Yin to help you with forgiveness.

    Rev. Desiree

  3. Are the blessings & prayers your own original pieces? I would like to use one in a blessing ceremony for a baby girl.
    Fremantle, Western Australia

  4. There are wonderful and powerful prayers. Can I ask what the source of them is?

    1. You may ask but whether you can ask must be determined experimentally.


  5. I have numerous questions about Quan Yin. I had never heard of her until today. Never have I even seen her in the mythology books I've read. Still, I dreamt of her. The dream rocked me very hard because I am a devout atheist. Everything I have read of her matches what I experienced. Any guidance would be appreciated. I really feel this was a visitation and I'm very disturbed. I don't know how to process this experience at all.

    1. Wow I just saw your post on my blog. for some reason I am not being notified so I am so sorry I am just getting back to you.

      Quan Yin is a very powerful Goddess and she is all about love and compassion. Our dreams are very sacred and if she is coming to you in dream time then you are doing some heavy spiritual work while you are sleeping. Congratulations! Please feel free to contact me for more info. If you are in the U S you may call me on my cell 209-598-3142. You may also contact me on my FB page 'Bodhisattva Babe'

      Many Blessings!

  6. I stumbled across this beautiful collection of prayers. Thank you for sharing them.


  7. Hi
    I have also had an audible voice spoken to me whilst relaxing one evening at home, with candles lit near my Guanyin statuette. I have also seen Guanyin with hands clasped together in prayer position in the clouds where I live.

  8. I love all of these comments. Quan Yin brought you to me! Much love

  9. Quan Yin
    Namo Guan Shih Yin Pu Sa
    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  10. May I use these Beautiful prayers in a webpage I am making for Kuan Yin. I will link your site?