Monday, May 24, 2010

Quan Yin Decree

QUAN YIN, teach me of clear pure intent, to embrace my power to choose, and to illuminate my star potential.

QUAN YIN, empower me to manifest my intent through awareness of my thoughts and actions.

QUAN YIN, pour your nectar of compassion and wisdom over me to make me a vessel of strength for others experiencing life's challenges.

QUAN YIN, give me the courage to create balance in my life by showing compassion for myself first, with ego less discernment.

QUAN YIN, gift me with a mirror of confidence and humility which I may hold up for others in support of their choices.

QUAN YIN, grant me the patience to comprehend the messages and lessons from my past, that I may invest time and energy into creating forgiveness. Teach me how to transform all lessons into wisdom, knowledge, and gratitude.

QUAN YIN, bless me daily with a barometer of unconditional love and joy. Help me acknowledge that I am successful at being in my integrity as I walk life's path with peace in my heart.

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